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We all have busy lives.  In order to make banking more convenient for you, we offer a variety of options to stay connected. 
You may visit one of our branch locations, make a quick stop at an ATM, go online to Home Banker to pay bills, or use our HFB mobile app for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android®.  Transfer money, check account balances, or receive balance text alerts 24/7. 
If you have any questions or need help setting up Home Banker, accessing the HFB mobile app, or need assistance setting up text message alerts, please contact us at 1-800-354-0182 and we are happy to assist you.
Anytime. Anywhere. Home Federal Bank is Always Within Reach®!
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Heartbleed Bug...

Recently, a major security vulnerability named "Heartbleed" has made headlines around the world.
What is the Heartbleed Bug?
Heartbleed is a flaw in the programming on secure websites that could put your personal information at risk, including passwords, credit card information and e-mails. The Heartbleed Bug is a defect in encryption technology – called Open SSL – used by most Web servers to secure users’ personal or financial information. It is behind many “https” sites that collect personal or financial information. Basically, it provides a secure connection when you are conducting a transaction or sending an e-mail online. Experts discovered the bug recently and warned that cybercriminals could exploit it to access visitors' personal data or to impersonate a website and collect even more information. This is a not a virus that can be stopped by virus protection software or other consumer security software, because this vulnerability takes advantage of servers, and not consumer devices.
What is Home Federal Bank doing?
Security of your information is a top priority at Home Federal Bank. We have audited all of our services at the bank and have found no vulnerabilities, but will continue to scan and monitor our systems for this and any other vulnerability.    We are also currently in the process of communicating and verifying with services provided by our partners, for any dangers posed by Heartbleed. If there is any instance that the vulnerable version of OpenSSL is in use, we will remediate with the utmost urgency.
Am I affected?
The severity of the Heartbleed vulnerability cannot be overstated: Most active users of the Internet have likely been exposed, since a majority of websites – including Facebook, retail and even government sites – use the Open SSL software. It is unknown whether any criminals have actually exploited the bug, and several major sites, like Amazon, have already installed patches. Most sites with an address beginning with “https” are vulnerable until the website operator fixes the bug and users change their passwords.
Is my bank account safe?
Yes, our customers are always protected from any unauthorized transactions. Let us know immediately if you suspect any unusual activity. We use many different systems to protect customers’ information including rigorous security standards, encryption, and fraud detection software.
What can I do?
As always, it is a good idea to update your passwords for any internet site, every few months, especially those that have sensitive/confidential information like internet banking sites.
Monitor your account regularly and report suspicious transactions to us immediately.
Beware of phishing scams – or e-mails with malicious links – that will attempt to get additional sensitive information from you. Due to the growing public awareness of this bug, it’s probable that phishers and other scam artists will take full advantage of the situation. Avoid responding to emailed invitations to reset your password; rather, visit the site manually, either using a trusted bookmark or searching for the site in question.


Home Federal Bank’s Communities….

Our communities are full of beauty. We would like to see the communities through your eyes.
There is a unique feeling of pride we have at Home Federal Bank by living in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia. It’s about respect for tradition and always doing what’s right. We’re inviting you to upload digital photos from a computer that speak to our shared values and Kentucky/Tennessee/Virginia roots. If your photo is selected, it will appear as an image on our website in the above space. 
Thank you for your contributions. We look forward to seeing how you view our communities. Check our website homefederalbank.com for your submission.
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