Home Federal Bank has an exciting new service that sends Text Notifications for suspected fraud on your debit card transactions.  If we have a mobile phone number that can receive text messages in your account records, you will receive a text message warning you of possible fraud and there is no charge for these text messages!  If your mobile phone number is not in our file records, our fraud system will continue to attempt to call you.  As a Home Federal Bank customer you do not have to enroll in this process, it is automatically available.  Should you decide not to receive text messages, simply opt out after you receive the first alert or any time an additional alert is received.  We believe offering these text alerts will help stop fraud quicker.  You just reply Yes or No to the text message!  We understand it is your money and Home Federal Bank is committed to helping you “stay alert” to fraud.  Below is a picture that shows the text messages that will be sent along with the response when you indicate Yes or No for fraud.  Questions?  Just call a Customer Service Center representative at 800-354-0182.