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Where’s my stimulus/economic impact payment?

We've had a lot of questions about when stimulus funds, also called economic impact payments, will be deposited into your bank account, and we apologize for any wait time on the phones.  We know many people are regularly checking online and mobile banking to see if the stimulus payment is there yet. Once we receive your funds through direct deposit (typically 2-3 days after it is initiated from the IRS), you will see it in your account.  If you don't see it there, either the IRS has not issued it to you yet,  we have not yet received it, or it was directed to somewhere other than Home Federal Bank.

On April 11, the Federal government began depositing payments to individual bank accounts of those people who had direct deposit information on file with the IRS (based on previous tax returns, Social Security payments, etc.) Payments are going out in waves and the Department of Treasury says these stimulus/ economic impact payments will continue to be made over the course the next few weeks. While the government is depositing funds into Home Federal Bank customer accounts, we do not control or have information on who receives payments or when.

If you have questions about stimulus payments, such as who is eligible or timing, you can find more information on these IRS websites:

You may also find out additional information about your funds on the IRS website link “Get My Payment”  It is located at on the home page.  You click on “Get My Payment” button and then follow the instructions, which does require input of some personal information. 

ALERT: Be mindful of scammers when it comes to your stimulus funds. Do not fall for phone calls, texts, emails or websites that ask for personal or financial information in order to receive the Federal payment.


Don’t Fall Victim to COVID-19-Related Scams

People are facing challenging times to keep their families safe and avoid the spread of COVID-19, and unfortunately scammers are adding additional risk by taking advantage of the current health crisis. Newly-surfaced reports show scammers creating text messages, emails, websites and social media posts, to pose as government entities and organizations to obtain financial information from individuals for personal gain.

Recently, we were made aware of a new scam that is targeting employees.

In this attack, cyberattackers are posing as an outsourced HR contractor or processor informing employees of an additional stimulus payment being provided to them. Recipients are then asked to view the latest Payroll Report. The link to the “Payroll Report” contains malware.

The email contains a link to a fake payroll report hosted in Google Docs, however any cloud service can be used. This link hosts a word document file titled “COVID-19 ACH Payroll Report,” with a second link inside. The document claims that the report cannot be viewed on mobile devices, and that it can only be viewed from a desktop computer. However, the second link downloads malware to your device.

If you download the malware, the hacker is able to steal sensitive personal information and potentially hijack the device used.

Remember, as a rule, payroll providers will not contact an employee directly. If a payroll provider has immediate concerns about an employee’s account, they will contact an HR department.

As scammers take advantage of the current health crisis it is important we remain extra vigilant. By protecting yourself from cyberattacks, you can help prevent the spread of malware that can negatively affect you and our shared cyber networks.

Learn more about reporting suspected scams by going to the Report Phishing and Online Scams page on the IRS website.

Individuals can find official IRS information about the COVID-19 pandemic and economic impact payments on the IRS Coronavirus Tax Relief web page, or at their individual State’s Department of Revenue website.



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