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Rapport from TrusteerRapport Security

Download the Rapport online fraud protection software from Trusteer – free from Home Federal Bank. Rapport adds an additional layer of security, helping protect you while you’re signed in to our site.

Protection Against Malware

Along with viruses, your computer can get infected with malware. Malware can come in several forms such as adware, spyware, hijackers, and toolbars to name a few. These types of programs can hijack your browsers, redirect your search attempts and capture your key strokes.
Rapport works alongside your anti-virus software and firewall to help:
  • Prevent malware and fraudulent websites from stealing your Online ID, Passwords and other sensitive login information
  • Protect your online communication while using our site to keep malware from tampering with your transactions.

Additional Security at No Charge

In just minutes, you can download Rapport. It’s free and requires no registration, restart or commitments. Plus, as future updates become available, they are pushed to the product automatically at no charge.



  • Protects sensitive information when you’re signed in to Home Federal Bank’s website, while your anti-virus software scans your computer files
  • Blocks malicious software that your anti-virus software can’t detect or remove, keeping it from attacking, tampering and stealing sensitive information
  • Locks down your computer’s connection with our website so criminals can’t interfere
  • Warns you if you accidentally visit a fake website that looks like Home Federal Bank
  • Runs simultaneously so you don’t have to change the way you do things online – look for the Trusteer Rapport icon in your browser’s address bar to ensure it is running
  • Once installed, it requires no additional processing or maintenance

To stop the Rapport pop-up from displaying and opt-out of the download option please click here and contact our Customer Service Center. 

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