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Malicious Email Purporting to be a Trusteer Security Toolbar 

Cisco Security Intelligence Operations has reported an abundance of spam e-mail messages that claim to contain a Trusteer Security Toolbar for the recipient. The email attempts to persuade the recipient to open a .zip attachment for details which contains a malicious .exe file that, when executed, infects the system with malicious code.
A sample email is below (links have been de-activated).
Dear Moneris E-select Plus client,
Because of the recent phishing attacks we have implemented a new security system,
in order to assure your online safety every time you use our services.
The new security system is called Trusteer Moneris Toolbar, and it's been developed
in collaboration with Trusteer, the company who created the award winning security
software Rapport, used by financial institutions worldwide.
The new toolbar will notify you when you visit the real Moneris.com website and will
deny access to forged Moneris websites, avoiding the loss of data caused by phishing
To download the Trusteer Moneris Toolbar, please visit the following URL: (link
inserted here).
Every Moneris E-select Plus client is required to download the new security toolbar.
Thank for choosing Moneris Solutions
Copyright 2012 Moneris Solutions. All rights reserved.


If you receive an email like the one above, do NOT click on any of the links or attachments. If an email appears to be suspicious, its best to treat it as such and to contact your account representative for guidance.


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